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It has a premise of a solid, old-fashioned survival horror game. The settings looks very good and lighting/shading adds greatly to the atmosphere. Personally I would advise improving animation of the characters, because it looks hella wonky at times. On the other hand, I've seen games that would cover lacking in graphics with great storytelling and gaming experience ;)

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The game is oddly comforting, mostly thanks to the pixel art and calm music. I think with some improvement it can become a very relaxing experience.

What a lovely heartwarming game! Simple yet touching, absolutely love it!

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Aw man, stop dropping good songs all the time, I'm slowly running out of ways to compliment your work.

That being said, this one has a super nostalgic feel to it, like a tape you could buy in the 90s.

I need optimistic and hopeful melodies like this in my life, especially now. Thanks for sharing.

Oh yes, this upbeat melody definitely makes me feel anything is possible. Makes me want to steal from my own pocket.

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It's oddly cute and heartwarming, yet sad and frightening. I think it's because these look a lot like baby skulls and dead children are often referred to as "little angels". Beautiful work.

Your paintings are so beautiful, Jesus Christ. And to think it's just practice... I'm freaking stunned *_*

I love the lighting/shading here (especially her crown looks beautiful) - thanks to that the whole piece looks even more romantic. Not to mention the way they look into each other's eyes, it's so freaking sweet <3

I'm a simple person, who likes to scribble. My main hobby is crying over fictional characters and their relationships. Pleased to meet you.

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