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It feels very bittersweet - sweer because of good memories and bitter because friends drifted apart. The animation is good in my opinion, both bright and wistful, which fits the tune and lyrics of the song. I like how the colours slowly become like that on the old VHS, suggesting the time that passed.
There is a little problem with the clothing, it kinda looks like it'll fly away any second ^^"

Simple, yet heartwrenching and all too familiar. You're brilliant man.

The stylized black and white visuals combined with pulsating, a little sad musical theme make a trippy, unique experience with a twinge of melancholy. Beautiful work <3

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The game is oddly comforting, mostly thanks to the pixel art and calm music. I think with some improvement it can become a very relaxing experience.

What a lovely heartwarming game! Simple yet touching, absolutely love it!

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I must say it conveys perfectly the feeling of innocent joy only a young kid is capable of. There is also something incredibly nostalgic about this tune, like it's a theme of a Christmas movie I've seen a long time ago. Amazing work.

Everratic responds:

Thank you for the nice comments! That's what I was aiming for :)

It's cold... yet very comfy <3

Happy tune for Christmas, in both versions: traditional and jolly, less traditional and more bloody. Santa and Krampus, if you will.

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Nostalgia for the simpler wilder Internet hit me hard with this piece. Bravo ;_;

First picture: "This poor unhappy boy..."

Second picture: *End of Evangelion flashbacks*

Poor ghost dude, it's stuck in one place all the time, it just wants to be part of Madotsuki's world ;-;
I love how it's wobbling on her head and she's got the expression of the mf who has seen it all.

I'm a simple person who likes to scribble pictures and stories. Everything sucks, so I'm looking for reasons to smile about. Pleased to meet you.

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