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I'm a simple person who likes to scribble pictures and stories. Everything sucks, so I'm looking for reasons to smile about. Pleased to meet you.

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Posted by MismeHellawes - 2 days ago

Hello, hello. This is gonna be short and sweet.

Playing Tankmas Adventure became a tradition for me after joining NG. I love this project, there's something so genuinely heartwarming about it. I even turned adblock off on Firefox to play the 2021 version. This is love, man *_*

Hope you have a good day/night in your part of the world <3


Posted by MismeHellawes - October 10th, 2021

From now this is one of my go-to places, whenever I feel like miserable motherfucker. I already love it, even though I haven't finished listening to it. And probably I wouldn't even look for it if I haven't re-read one of my favourite books, where the author listed her inspirations in the afterword lol

First blog on NG and it's about sorrowful symphony, because I feel like sad fuck. Oh well :'3 Hope you have a good day/night <3

PS Had to edit the embedded code lul


Posted by MismeHellawes - August 26th, 2020

I made an account on Twitter!

...almost 3 weeks ago. And despite the fact I linked it on my profile, I completely forgot to inform you. I'm sorry, guys ^^" Anyway, if you'd like to see my shitposts, follow me here.

Take care!


Posted by MismeHellawes - February 7th, 2020


I was scouted for Art Portal, thanks to @EC0LLE. Now I'm super famous and I can conquer the world.

...nah, the world can wait. First, I must improve my scribbles, to prevent people on Art Portal from gouging their own eyes out, because I have a vague feeling it would get me de-scouted. Also, improvement is a good excuse for an ego stroke ("Ahhh yes, I've improved so much, yesss").

That's all from me, hope you have a good day/night in your place. Thank you again @EC0LLE, for the scout.

Take care!


Posted by MismeHellawes - March 16th, 2019

I cannot freaking believe that I made an account on the legendary site that is Newgrounds. What the actual hell O_o I'm feeling a little nervous...

*deep breath*

Hello, I'm a scribbler, who lurked here from time to time during last 15 years or so, but until today did not make an account. I've signed up here for two reasons. One: Tumblr NSFWpocalypse and general unfriendliness towards creators. Two: the need for new inspiration and hope this site will provide me it.

What kind of work can you expect from me? I love fiction, so I more than often draw fanart. I also tend to cry over fictional pairings (canon or not), so most of my drawings contain shipping. Nowadays, due to the lack of time, my drawings are usually simple pencil scribbles from my notebook, but I will try to post something more refined.

What can I add more? Hope I enjoy my stay here.

Take care! ;)