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His face is very well drawn - the facial muscles are defined, but without exaggeration; it's quite hard to do. Also, the skin tone looks natural. Hair looks alright, though there is a room for improvement. My only problem is his robe - it looks unfinished compared to his head and it's a little bit jarring ^^"
Hope I helped ^^

Your painting is fucking stunning and the story in its description makes it even better *chef's kiss* It's simply delicious.

Hah, I never knew the crown suits toadstools so well ;) Good job.

One word - magical. I love the way you drew the fairy. Also, I really hope someone frees the little thing - it's supposed to fly among the green trees instead of being captured in a bottle.

MeeshellArt responds:

Yes I think Link misplaced it and now it's kinda doomed haha thank you!! <3

This is very sweet, it actually makes my heart melt a little <3 The colours are warm and are very good for theme of young love.

P0ski responds:

Thank you very much! 💕

The colouring, his calm expression and the way he holds book and flowers create very serene, dreamy atmosphere. It's lovely <3

DannyelGray responds:

Oh, god, thank you! I am very pleased to hear that >w<

The composition and colouring+shading looks amazing, and personally I love how her tit is pressed to the glass <3

All the colours make it look like a beautiful acis trip.

Such a bundle of joy and sunshine, he makes grown men melt with "Awwww" ;3
I really like the way you painted the baby here, especially his chubby hands. It's so cute <3

Baby-Beast responds:

This little man's superpower is the ability to make every heart melt, even the coldest one as shown above :D
Unfortunately, I had to use a pose reference for the baby as I still struggle to get the proportions of a baby's body right.

Who would have thought, that alien abduction can give such adorable results? The baby is so precious ^^ And the way his dad holds him alleviates Vietnam flashbacks from mpreg era in various fandoms x'D

Baby-Beast responds:

Luckily for him, the baby did not end up being a multi-limbed slithery creature - still I believe his m̶a̶t̶e̶r̶n̶a̶l̶ paternal instinct would make him love the child xD
Mpregs aren't bad, especially if they have a nice and consistent backstory behind them. But way too many people fetishize mpregs and make them look disgusting, so yeah I guess I know how you feel about these flashbacks xD
Thank you for the comment! <3

I'm a simple person, who likes to scribble. My main hobby is crying over fictional characters and their relationships. Pleased to meet you.


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